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About us

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If you're going to allow people into your home for any kind of work, you want it to be someone you can count on! With Attic Cleaning Berkeley, that's a promise. Our professionals will provide you with the highest quality work available, using the best tools and materials. It will be done quickly, but never at the expense of a job well done. You should be able to have confidence in services provided for your house, and with us you will! It's why we're the best in California.

Does Your Attic Need Cleaning?

That thick layer of dust means yes! It's more than just a mess, it's a health hazard when it inevitably pollutes the air of your home. Lowered air quality can negatively affect the elderly, children, and especially those with breathing disorders. Dust can also allow mold to grow and spread, so don't let it! Instead, have our professionals clear your attic out and get it fresh again.

Have You Had Pests?

Rodents can be a huge problem for your attic, from both the damage they cause to the insulation, and the disease they've left behind. Even if they're long gone, the bacteria their waste brought in can still be lingering. Rather than wait and hope it doesn't make its way down to infect your household, it's best to have us take care of it! Attic Cleaning Berkeley can decontaminate the entire attic and leave it and your family safer.

What About Insulation?

Whatever needs you may have for your attic's insulation, we can take care of them all! If you have a new attic being built, we can install insulation of any kind you prefer. Unsure about the differences between cellulose, fiberglass, or otherwise? We can explain the pros and cons to assist you in deciding. If damages have occurred, we'll carefully remove what's there, and can have it replaced in no time.

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Look to us for guaranteed satisfaction and the most helpful decorators in town. You can always count on us when it comes to your attic!

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