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Seal all cracks and holes

Rodents can squeeze through the smallest spaces in walls and they especially love the holes that are made for electrical and computer cables and the space around plumbing pipes in the kitchen and the laundry room. You should seal, or get professionals to seal, all potential entry points using proper material such as steel wool or caulking. Sometimes you will also need to use a metal mesh to cover larger gaps.

The advantages of professional mold removal

Having mold removed by specialists like out team does a significantly more thorough process than what can be done by the average homeowner. Our team has the knowledge, experience, and equipment to do the work the right way and leave the area clean and free of harmful mold growth. Swift mold removal helps reduce health concerns and prevents exposure to additional toxins in the future. Give our experts a call for professional mold removal done by our team of qualified technicians today.

Be wary of unusual temperature shifts

If you've noticed an unusual temperature change in a section of your home, it's worth taking a quick look inside your attic. The insulation in your attic plays a major role in making sure the temperature in your living space stays comfortable. When the temperature changes abruptly, it could be a sign that your attic insulation has moved or become damaged. Give our team a call and we'll take a look and make recommendations to make sure your home stays comfortable all year long.

Don't let things accumulate

Attics and crawl spaces tend to accumulate things that you've completely forgotten about. Eventually this accumulation leads to a real mess that needs to be cleaned up. Dusty and dirty attics and crawl spaces can also be full of unwanted problems like mold, dust mites or other pests. That's why it's a good idea to give our team a call when you need this arduous chore done. We're the experts, and cleaning attics and crawl spaces is our primary business.


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