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Attic Cleaning

Mold In Your Attic?

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Attic Cleaning

Attic Cleaning Services | Attic Cleaning Berkeley, CA

A Thorough Cleaning

Most people don’t realize how much a dirty attic can affect the house and their health as a whole. Your attic may be out of sight, but it is an intrinsic part of your home or work place’s internal systems. From keeping your house insulated against the weather to providing clean air for your home’s ventilation systems, a clean attic is essential to a healthy, happy home.

Hygienic Air Ducts

The air in your home is routed through the ventilation system, which in many cases starts in the attic. If the air in your attic is damp, moldy, dirty or has dust borne particles floating around, that’s what you will be breathing in the rooms below. Once mold or dirt gets into your air ducts, simply cleaning out the attic is not enough: you need professionals to get into the air duct system as well and make sure it’s both clean and sterilized.

Cleaning Out The Crawl Space

As the name suggests, there are areas in your attic that can only be accessed by crawling through them. So you can imagine how difficult they are to clean without the right equipment! Our experts always have the right equipment on hand and can thoroughly clean and disinfect your crawl space. And cleaning the crawl space doesn’t just get rid of the dirt, dust and mold: it also prevents it coming back for a long time.

Sanitizing Your Attic

Your attic shouldn’t just be cleaned; it needs to be properly sanitized. Attics are highly susceptible to damp, mold and dust. These conditions attract a range of pests who will set up camp in your attic, add disease and filth to the mix and who damage your roofing structure and insulation and release chemical particles into the air. In the long run, leaving your attic dirty will cost you a whole lot more! The solution is simple: to prevent this cycle of dirt and damage, make sure your attic is thoroughly cleaned out and sanitized at least once a year.

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