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Attic Insulation Removal

Attic Insulation Removal

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Attic Insulation Removal

Insulation Removal | Attic Cleaning Berkeley, CA

If you've gone through a thing or two in your time, you know it's those things in life we neglect or don't pay attention to that tend to cause most trouble. Your attic insulation is one such thing. Sometimes, people remember they had insulation installed, sometimes they haven’t got the foggiest idea whether it's there or not or what condition it's in.

The problem is, that as far from the eye as it may be, it sure can get close to the heart, meaning, it can cause quite a heartache. When your insulation is in poor shape a lot of things can happen. Rodents can get in and litter the place and even bring disease with them. Heat and cold can escape or enter (depending on the season) and cause temperature control issues which, in turn, can result in higher energy usage and higher electrical bills. This is just a taste, other problems can also present themselves.

Insulation Removal Solutions

The good news is that Attic Cleaning Berkeley can save the day! Since experience is usually what makes the difference, our experienced specialists can tackle any insulation project. Our first order of business will be to assess whether your existing layer is intact (in the hopes you've had one installed). This means we will carefully go through the entire premises and look for holes, exposed areas, material that has grown weak and ineffective over time, and the like.

Taking Out the Garbage, So to Speak

Once everything has been thoroughly and meticulously checked, our team can proceed to determining the condition of your insulation. If it's in poor shape, like it too often is, we will proceed to completely remove it and carefully dispose of any debris or leftovers. Making sure everything is perfectly removed is essential for any other thing you'll want done in your attic.

Leaving Nothing Exposed

The best thing about professional attic insulation removal services, when they're professionally performed, is that they leave the area ready for other measures to be installed. You don't remove your existing protection only to leave the area unprotected. Once everything has been removed and the area is clean, new insulation can be installed, making the area completely sealed to airflow, heat or cold, rodents, or any other uninvited guests.

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